Assessor Training

The role of the assessor is to formally assess the skills and competence of staff within an organisation. This is done through building a portfolio of evidence that is related to the learners daily work and meeting the requirements of the NQF

. An assessor must have the skills to plan, conduct, evaluate, make Judgments and provided feedback. An Assessor should also have the ability to guide and support their learners through this process.

 Competent Assessors will have the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to advance their professional standing within the ETD Sector

Programme Outcomes

By the end of this programme learners will be able to:

Explain the principles and mechanisms of the NQF.

Explain principles, methods, types and purposes of assessment.

Plan and prepare for assessment.

Prepare candidate for assessment.

Conduct assessment and document evidence.

Evaluate evidence and make assessment judgements.

Provide feedback to relevant parties.

Review assessment.

Programme Outline

Learning Unit 1 Overview of the NQF

Learning Unit 2 About Assessment

Learning Unit 3 Plan and Prepare for Assessment

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Level 5



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In Class In Class

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Training, Venue, Leaning Material, Assessment, Moderation and Lunch