Corporate Governance

With the legislated requirements for both business and government in terms of corporate governance being necessary for corporate accountability, every level of management must be well versed in the obligations required of them and their organisations. This is why AstroTech has developed a comprehensive training course to assist called “Corporate Governance”.

The course will cover key elements of corporate governance, and will include the following topics:
• Understanding Corporate governance
• Roles and responsibilities of directors and officers
• Board committees
• Strategic planning and implementation
• Risk management and change management
• Auditing and audit committees
• Compliance, ethics & sustainability reporting
• Governance requirements of the Public Finance Management Act and the Municipal Finance Management Act
• The provisions of the Labour Relations Act regarding
disciplinary action in the workplace
• An overview of employment equity and BEE
• Preventing and combating fraud and corruption
• How managers get into trouble
• The major Corporate Governance requirements of the new Companies Act


• All directors and managers of organisations, in the public and private sectors
• Members of audit committees
• Managers of internal audit departments and other assurance functions
• Government officials that are required to comply with the PMFA and MFMA
• Anyone else with an interest in Corporate Governance


• Understand what corporate governance is actually all about, and have acquired practical advice on how to implement it in your own workplace
• Be able to demonstrate appropriate compliance, and be able to defend yourself against accusations of negligence
• Make contact with fellow businessmen and businesswomen who face similar governance challenges to your own, and develop your professional network

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Stephen Pienaar
Contact: AstroTech
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2 Days


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