Macros and VBA for Excel: Unleash the power in your PC

Using Macros and VBA in Excel can help you dramatically improve the usability and efficiency of your spreadsheets. While formulas and functions are great tools, macros takes things to a whole new level particularly for repetitive tasks and regular reports.

Learn how you can transform your excel spreadsheets by attending our course called Macros and VBA for Excel: Unleash the Power in your PC.

The course covers the following key topics:

Automating tasks that you perform frequently such as;
Data extraction from multiple sheets
Creating buttons and customising toolbars
Using the Excel Macro recorder
Understanding the limitations of the macro recorder
Editing, Debugging and Running Macros
Understanding VBA
Understanding the Visual Basic editor
Create a macro by using VBA
Learn about Macro Security
Utilise Multiple Worksheets with ease
Create User Defined Functions
VBA Programming Concepts including Projects, Modules, Objects and Methods
Using debugging tools on recorded code
And Much More!


Finance Personnel and managers
Data administrators, professionals and managers
Project managers and Engineers Analysts
Anyone working extensively with Microsoft Excel
Attendees should have a reasonable working knowledge of MS Excel


Learn how to automate tasks in Excel
Understand the difference between macro recording and VBA and when to use which
Understand how to do simple VBA programming
Dramatically improve efficiencies in the office relating to Excel
Apply your knowledge of Macros to other MS Office Products such as Word and PowerPoint

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