The Total Team Leader

As a Team Leader, you are probably the operational expert and know exactly how to do every aspect of the work at hand – and do it better than anyone else.

However, one of the most important parts of people management is to learn how to let go, and change your primary focus to motivate, empower and develop your team to do it all just as well as you, if not better!

In order to assist you to improve your management skills for your own future development and career advancement, BizTech is offering a course which covers the following key topics:


  • How to let go!
  • Building trust by training your team
  • Eliminate doubt: Clarify process and procedure
  • Let your systems be your safety net


  • The power of participation
  • Finding the right leadership style for each situation
  • Team goal-setting for maximum buy-in
  • Your place in the team: how to handle being promoted above your peers
  • Dealing with team members who are older or more experienced than you
  • Managing performance to motivate and release potential
  • Recognising and developing individual talent


  • Dealing with poor performance
  • Suspected fraud or theft
  • Sexual harassment
  • Cultural insensitivity
  • Personal hygiene
  • Gossip and rumour-mongering


  • What makes people tick?
  • What do people really want? Solve the motivation mystery
  • Loyalty drivers: these may surprise you!
  • Attitude vs. skills
    Communication to achieve co-operation
  • Timing your actions to avoid problem explosions
  • Show appreciation through reward and recognition

Course outcomes

  • Pinpoint the real motivational factors that transform your team into star performers
  • Empower your team and watch them exceed your expectations
  • Help your company become the ‘employer of choice’
  • Be relied on by management to handle interpersonal issues with sensitivity and skill
  • Cultivate an environment of trust and loyalty
  • Manage conflict proactively, and avoid unnecessary escalations
  • Achieve your own career growth goals by increasing your overall value to your employer
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Lauren Smith
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Course Duration: 

2 Days


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