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Assessments are designed according to a Competency Framework which is derived from global best practice for the particular role. Each competency is assessed and questions relevant to both the role and the level are selected from an extensive question database. The question database is a combination of soft skill questions and specific questions relevant to the competencies for the job role.

Following years in the supply chain and operations management skills development sector it became apparent that most organisations didn’t know where or how to pinpoint the skills shortages in their employees or organisation. BIZZCO went about finding a solution to this problem to help companies understand their organisations skills shortages which would in turn enable them to correctly plan skills development initiatives rather than guessing on what skills sets are required.
Through our on line assessment process areas of strengths and weaknesses are identified in each employee in relation to their role. As an organisation it eliminates wasteful expenditure on training that is not required but guides you on exactly what is.
A number of assessments have been developed for popular roles in Supply Chain Management and we continue to identify additional roles for which assessments are being developed. We work with the best practice approach which is based on the APICS and SAPICS Body of knowledge and internationally verified “soft” or transferable skills.

This Online assessment assesses the individual in the following areas:

Maths and Reasoning
Warehouse Control
Business Writing
Financial Control
Customer Service
Project Management
Demand Planning
Operations Management
Production Scheduling

Reporting and Feedback
An individual score report will be provided to you within 24 hours of an employee having completed the assessment. Within 48 hours of the group of assessments having been completed a summary report will be provided to you that will provide you with:
 Identify specific areas of weakness that would have a direct impact on the incumbent being able to perform their job role
 Correctly identify training for each individual based the on the skills categories and whether the participant receives a Basic, Intermediate or Advanced score
 Valuable information for the annual WSP.
 What courses/programmes could be identified to assist in bridging the gaps or addressing the skills shortages.
The assessment can also be used very effectively in the recruitment process.
The assessment tools will identity knowledge gaps in the following areas;
• Soft skills and business related skills covering Mathematics, Communication, Customer Service, People Management, Project Management, Time Management, Health and Safety
• Computer based skills - measure the level of skill in the use of desktop applications
• Business Management skills encompassing Stock Investigation Techniques, Cycle Counting Knowledge, Warehousing and Inventory Control and Basic Business System knowledge Etc.

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2 hour online assessment



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