CBM Training - Customer Service (Online Training)

A faster business pace, increased competition and the instant 24/7 feedback available today means that all employees need to constantly strive to improve the customer journey, something which goes well beyond day-to-day customer service. This highly engaging training course will enable delegates to begin designing a route map to implementing customer-centric transformation in their organisations.

This course is of benefit to anyone who wants to create a truly customer-centric organisation.

Please note that this course is made up of a series of short modules, and is not an exhaustive, in depth look at this topic.

License valid for 14 days.

Course Duration: 165 Minutes

- Customer Service Success (15 Minutes)

- Excellence in Customer Service (15 Minutes)

- Is the Customer Always Right? (15 Minutes)

- Identifying and Exceeding Customer Needs (15 Minutes)

- Handling Customer Complaints (15 Minutes)

- Complaint Handling (10 Minutes)

- Five Steps to Problem Solving and Diffusing Upset Customers (15 Minutes)

- Mastering the Telephone: Basic Skills (15 Minutes)

- Telephone Etiquette (5 Minutes)

- Vulnerable Customers (20 Minutes)

- Customer Loyalty (10 Minutes)

- Stellar Customer Service Best Practices (15 Minutes)

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