CBM Training - Implementing Active Talent Management Strategies

One of the toughest challenges your organisation will face is the attraction, development and retention of individuals who have the capability to make a significant difference to the current and future performance of your organisation. This process is not just limited to attracting the best people from the industry, but rather is continuous and involves sourcing, hiring, developing, retaining and promoting them while delivering on the organisation’s objectives.


This practical programme will give those responsible for managing and developing people a practical framework for managing succession and talent. By directing the abilities, skills and knowledge of your employees, you will create a culture of emotionally and intellectually engaged employees who consistently exceed performance requirements, achieve organisational objectives and resist the advances of your competitors’ talent acquisition strategies!

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– Identify, retain and develop your critical talent to ensure business continuity, maintained productivity and unwavering staff motivation
– Develop a talent management strategy that actively drives growth by being aligned to your strategic business objectives
– Secure your organisation’s leadership capability to meet current and future business demands through consistent identification and development of leaders
– Develop support structures that promote employee engagement – resulting in a loyal, stable and productive workforce
– Consistently place the right person, in the right position at the right time to ensure continuity and continued success
– Refocus your performance management system to drive your talent management process
– Employ tried and tested techniques that actively reduce employee turnover and improve staff retention
– Win respect while boosting employee productivity and morale by dealing with grievances in a fair and consistent manner

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