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The Indispensable Executive Assistant provides a totally fresh perspective on the evolving role of the Executive Assistant. Building on the Ultimate Personal Assistant course, this new advanced programme empowers current PAs and EAs to develop their business awareness and management understanding further to become personal leaders, enablers and business support managers in their own right.

The course covers current and future trends in administrative support, with appropriate considerations that EAs must consider if they are to be part of the new style Executive Support that meets the requirements of future organisations and managers.

About Your International Facilitator - Adam Fidler:

Adam Fidler is renowned for his passion for the value of first-rate executive support, his inspirational teaching style, and his perspectives on the true role of the Executive Assistant.

After graduating with a degree in business studies in 1999, Adam has worked as a Board-level PA in a variety of Blue-Chip organisations, including Boots PLC and Bank of America.

He has been training Secretaries, PAs and EAs since 2008, and is a regular speaker at industry events and conferences throughout the world.

Adam is passionate about self-development and life-long learning, and his sessions are renowned for their practical nature, and emphasis on providing easily-implemented strategies to improve business performance and effectiveness.

Adam is now the Principal of his own Academy, Adam Fidler Academy, based in the UK which offers education for EAs, PAs and Business Support Managers. 

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2 Days