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A team’s success (or failure) rests squarely on the shoulders of its management. When a football team fails to perform, it is always the coach that gets the blame. The same is true for managers. Your team needs to be 100% behind you in order for them (and for you) to excel. And to do this, you need to lead them.

Your team has to want to follow you.They need to buy-in completely in you and your management style and have absolute faith in your ability to lead them to success.

Key Benefits of attending this course:

* Discovering or refreshing your passion for leading, motivating and coaching people.

* Making your work atmosphere open, trusting, innovative and productive by using the steps that all  “Great managers” take

* Creating the drive within each team member to succeed in their individual roles whilst working seamlessly as a unit.

* Motivating your staff by realising what rewards work for which types of individuals

* Discovering how to develop and follow a mutually agreed productivity plan.

* Making your staff interactions more memorable, effective and motivational by initiating effective daily techniques

* Using small but impactful improvements to the way you communicate with your staff especially when you need to criticise, discipline or even praise a team member.


This course is available as both a blended training option (online) and classroom training option. The price varies dependent on the training option chosen:

Classroom – R 6 675 Ex VAT

Blended – R 4 100 Ex VAT


Please feel free to contact us for more information or to enquire about possible course dates.

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Contact: CBM Training
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Blended Blended

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Course Duration: 

2 Days


From R 4 100 Excl VAT