CBM Training - An Introvert’s Guide to to Being a Manager

Slightly more introverted people are not necessarily shy. It’s a myth that needs to be debunked at the outset. Introverts draw energy from ideas or one-on-one interactions. They process information internally, keep personal matters private, and avoid showing emotion.

While many organisations tend to celebrate and promote extroverted personalities, they often overlook an immense talent pool of more introverted professionals whose visibility is more subtle and whose accomplishments are often outside of the boardroom, and not lauded and magnified.

Key Benefits of the Course:

* Find opportunities to show their worth and ensure their accomplishments are not overlooked - without
having to boast
* Manage a diverse team of personalities effectively, driving results and elevating their status through
* Build up their effectiveness when it comes to communicating with staff and colleagues
* Deal immediately and effectively with challenging staff situations without becoming uncomfortable
* Develop their own specialised and unique management style that drives performance

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1 Day