CBM Training - Key Management Skills for Effective Managers

New managers are often promoted due to their quality of work and not necessarily due to their management skills. This can leave new managers feeling out of their depth, in a position that is often challenging, lonely and frustrating. Management is a skill that is often only learnt through trial and error. Unfortunately, these errors can lead to lower productivity, costly mistakes and the loss of valuable staff.

To help you onto the path towards management success, CBM Training has specially designed this intensive 1 day seminar to teach you a wealth of practical management skills and keep you up to date with the latest management theory. Our highly experienced lecturer will share insights into how a truly effective manager works, and show you how you can immediately improve your own performance and the performance of your teams.

Key learning areas covered during this course include:

* Understanding the real role of a manager in relation to his / her subordinates
* Developing a rapport with your team to gain their respect and support
* Learning to identify what motivates your people, individually and as a team, to do their best work
* Handling personal conflicts within your team whilst not being seen to take sides
* Delegating tasks with the certainty that they will be completed accurately and on time
* How to be an open and approachable manager while still having time to complete your own work
* Managing your team to ensure your departmental and individual targets are always met
* Conducting performance reviews that enhance your team and motivates them to perform

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1 day


R4,450.00 excl VAT