CBM Training - Organisational Change Management

Globalisation, digitisation and a fast-moving business environment have made change inevitable. To remain competitive     and retain your most valuable clients, it is vital that your organisation is geared towards embracing and managing change.

Change within any organisation is unavoidable, necessary and occurs regularly, so businesses require individuals who are     capable of effectively handling change processes. To successfully manage change requires an understanding of what is         needed to achieve business transformation, risk evaluation and how to align new changes within an organisations best-practice framework.

This impactful 2 Day Change Management Course will teach you how to set up change programmes effectively, while taking into account the various types of resistance that you will encounter. You will learn best practice strategies and techniques that will maximise your chances of success, and will enable you to lead change in your organisation through productive           influence.

Change is one of the only constants in life, so ensure that your organisation is ready!

Key Benefits of this Course:

  • Creating a case for change and identifying a strategy to communicate it to the various business stakeholders, ensuring your leadership team is on-board
  • Understanding the impact of organisational change on your most valuable asset – your people
  • Identifying ways that you can positively lead and motivate people through cultural or organisational change
  • Detailing the importance of creating a resistance management plan for a strategic change initiative
  • Developing an implementation plan for a change initiative
  • Introducing proven techniques for dealing with resistance to change at various levels within an organisation
  • Exploring best practices in managing successful change and how to lead a team through change
  • Identifying ways that you can help teams members cope with change
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2 days


R6,675.00 excl VAT