CBM Training - Practical Self-Confidence and Assertiveness Skills

Communication is vital to business success as people produce their best work when they communicate confidently and assertively with their customers, colleagues, superiors and staff.

Learning to be assertive and self confident is probably the single best way to become more productive and ultimately more respected at work. People take you more seriously, you get more done and you stand a better chance of being promoted.

This intensive course will reveal your current level of assertiveness and provide you with a practical range of proven techniques for increasing your level of assertiveness when dealing with others.

Key learning areas covered during this course include:

* Understanding confidence and how it affects your interactions with others at work
* Introducing the 6 major techniques you can use to enhance your self confidence
* Differentiating between assertive, aggressive & submissive behaviors and why assertiveness is far better
* The proven 4-step plan to becoming more assertive at home & work - with exercises to practice each step
* Practical ways of using assertiveness skills to defuse difficult situations and resolve conflict at work
* Applying assertive behaviour to your communication and how this will reduce ambiguity and uncertainty
* Learning to stand up for yourself, your team and your ideas without upsetting people in the process

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2 days


R6,675.00 excl VAT