CBM Training - The Professional Executive Secretary Programme

Executive secretaries make their jobs seem easy. They assist their managers and organise schedules with confidence and aplomb. They fully understand their boss’s objectives while working closely and dynamically to support them. With remarkable communication skills, they are able to take on and handle projects on their boss’s behalf. They are always professional, competent and in control.

As an executive secretary, you already have excellent administrative and organisational skills. This intensive 2 day executive secretaries course will take you beyond the basic requirements of the average secretary and show you value-adding skills needed to leverage the greatest advantage out the executive secretary role.

Key areas learning covered during this course include:

* Understanding how and why your role as an executive secretary has changed in business today so that you know what contribution you can make
* Assessing your communication style by understanding your interpersonal strengths and weakness
* Understanding and adding value to your boss by supporting their role and assisting them with their objectives
* Working with your boss cohesively by successfully supporting and managing the “MeBoss” team together
* Agreeing and sticking to priorities by utilising effective time management techniques so that you have more “available” time
* Identifying tasks that can make or break a project so that you can successfully complete it
* Harnessing your public relations skills in order to project a professional image and add value to your department
* Identifying and managing stressors that affect your role in a positive or negative way
*Maintaining a professional demeanour at all times, even under intense pressure or difficult situations

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2 days