Team Effectiveness Workshop - L4; BBBEE Category F

Teams fail because they are not sure where they are going; or who should be doing what; or because they do not get on with each other. Teams need to have clarity of vision in order to move forward.
Our Workshop provides the opportunity for teams to talk, contribute, settle any strife and, ultimately, move forward as a united group.

To focus on the team and to motivate and unite the team.

Before the workshop commences the manager and course facilitator meet in order to:
Clarify and agree on the course objectives and the manager's expectations.
Obtain a brief background to the team members.

Each learner completes pre-work on Key Performance Areas, identifying individual strengths and weaknesses and areas where each team member can continue, start or stop a specific behaviour.
A SWOT analysis is completed and team members begin to realise that the team is only as strong as its weakest link.

During this workshop, learners will:
Clarify and agree individual KPA’s and roles and Departmental goals.
Identify and agree group values and ground rules for team behaviour.
Complete a Mutual Expectations exercise that identifies and addresses any interpersonal problems.
Participate in a team SWOT analysis and set action plan goals for the future.
Focus on some long term goals and objectives that have been identified and agreed at the workshop.

This workshop is highly participative. Individual and group exercises, and group brainstorming support the teambuilding process. The whole process is entirely work related and learners are constantly reminded that their contribution is critical to the team as a whole.

After the workshop each learner receives a Team Effectiveness manual in order to monitor individual and the team's progress. The manual is reviewed on a regular basis and becomes an ongoing management tool.

Commitment to the team and input/participation during the workshop are continually assessed.
At the conclusion of the workshop, extensive written feedback is given to the Manager.

Three Days
The leader and the team

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Contact Person: 

Cheryl Carter
Course Details

NQF Level: 

Level 4

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Presented Presented Courses

Course Duration: 

Three Days

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