Time and Stress Management - L4; BBBEE Category F

So often in life we are governed by the matters of the moment - the urgent rather than the important. Time, and its enormous value, are wasted wittingly or unwittingly as badly as man's other scarce resources. Learning to manage your time and the stress that comes with the job is the challenge facing all business people today.

To clearly understand goals, personal and business and to develop a system to keep on track, and to learn how to handle and relieve stress

Analysing the job
Identifying areas of responsibility
and setting priorities
Identify time wasters.
Establishing specific action steps to
improve productivity
Work behaviour.
Control of time wasters such as: Constant interruptions; Telephone calls; Lengthy meetings.

At the conclusion of this programme,
learner will be able to:
 Identify where time and effort are wasted.
 Implement effective self management plans.
 Use the delegation steps effectively.
 Learn how to make better use of time available.

Identifying personal areas of stress
Analysing current methods used to manage stress
Self analysis
Identifying stress problems in the organisational set-up
Stress handling
Personal plan of action

Questionnaires and group discussions will help individuals answer the following questions:
 Who am I and what motivates me?
 What causes stress in my life?
 How have I coped with stress?
 How can I manage stress more effectively?

Training is highly participative with group discussions, individual profiling and individual Action Plans.
All learners will be assessed by means of individual and group exercises, case studies and an analysis of how they invest their time.

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Cheryl Carter
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NQF Level: 

Level 4

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Presented Presented Courses

Course Duration: 

2 days


R 4 000.00 excluding VAT for 2 day course

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All Course Notes & Manuals; Certification; Extensive Written Feedback; Venue Costs - Including Meals