•Graphic Designer

This course offers students the opportunity to specialise in the fields of graphic design/photography/graphic processes. This course consists of an N4 Certificate, N5 Certificate and N6 Certificate. After completing the N6 Certificate students need to submit proof of 2 000 hours of practical experience in industry/practical before they can qualify for the National N-Diploma.

Career Options

What will I be qualified as once I’ve completed this course?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to work in industry in your field of study, or continue studying towards a B.Tech degree within your chosen field.

What will I be able to do once I’ve obtained this qualification?

You will be able to work in any of the following fields/perform the following duties:

•Below-the-line advertising
•DTP operator
•Repro houses
•Own enterprise/business
•Publication layout and design

•Freelance photographer
•Journalistic photographer
•Own enterprise/business
•Photography in the film industry

•Textile industry
•Own enterprise/business
•Printing companies
•Repro houses

In which industries will I be able to work?
•Graphic Design

What could I do to further improve my skills and my chances of furthering my career?

After completing this course, you can continue studying towards a B.Tech degree at a University of Technology or enrol for a Web Design qualification at College of Cape Town’s Crawford Campus.

Should you not wish to continue studying once you’ve completed this qualification, you will be able to work within your chosen field within the graphic design, advertising, photography or print-making industries (depending on the field of study you specialised in). As with any other career, you would need to work very hard to prove your skills and abilities, be dedicated and be prepared to continue learning throughout your career.

Programme Structure

What will I be studying during this course?

To complete the N4 – N6 Certificates:
•Enterprise and Business Management (EBM)
•History of Art
•Photography/Graphic Design/Graphic Processes (Choose 2)

Admission Requirements

What do I need to have completed before I can apply to study this course?
•To enter N4 – Intro N4 or NQF Level 4
•To enter N5 – N4 Certificate
•To enter N6 – N5 Certificate
•To apply for a National N-Diploma – N6 Certificate plus 2 000 hours of practical experience in industry (to be logged in a prescribed logbook).
•Photography students are required to provide their own camera for the duration of their studies. Specifications and details are obtainable from the Art & Design Department.

•N4 – N6: 18 months
•Enrolment in January and July
•2 000 hours of practical experience in industry (to be logged in a prescribed logbook).

(Part-time – Not available)

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Sharon Grobbelaar
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Course Delivery Method: 

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