Design of Learning Materials and Assessment Instruments

The aim of the courses is to achieve the knowledge and skills to design and develop learning materials and assessment instruments in line with the prevailing educational philosophies and skills development requirements, taking the current changes into account. Although the unit standards relate to Outcomes based practices, the concepts are applicable to all philosophies.

Course structure & Contents
Design Outcomes Based Learning Programs (unit standard 123401) 16 credits on NQF 6, provides the skills to identify and design learning program requirements, with the following outcomes:
• Drafting learning outcomes for the programme.
• Conducting analysis for learning design.
• Designing the learning programme.
• Drafting a brief for the development of the learning programme.
• Evaluating learning design.

Develop Outcomes Based learning programs (Unit standard 123394) 10 credits on NQF 5, provides the skills required to write and develop learning materials, with the following outcomes:
• Planning and prepare for development.
• Developing learning materials.
• Developing learning facilitation guidelines.
• Piloting and evaluate the development.

When combined, the above 2 standards is a 5 day course where after candidates are required to develop the materials for a unit of learning. An additional 1 day workshop is included to provide support.

Who should attend
Experienced educators or trainers, subject matter experts and material developers will benefit from these programs.

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Mawadda Petersen
Contact: SMART Group
Course Details

Unit Standard: 

123401 / 123394

NQF Level: 

Level 5
Level 6



Course Delivery Method: 

Presented Presented Courses

Course Duration: 

5 days


E-mail for a course brochure.

Course fee Includes: 

Course fees includes comprehensive training materials, light meals & refreshments, and subsequent competency evaluation.