Facilitator (Train the trainer) 117871 or 7384 or 10289

The aim of the courses is to develop the competencies required to apply sound educational practices in an Outcomes-based education and training environment, either to complement that which was learned during the older teacher education qualifications or from scratch for those who have no formal teacher training. There are a range of options, depending on previous experience and expertise.

The full skills program is presented over a period of 3 months and comprises 3 unit standards.
Each unit standard may also be done as independently, as per individually identified needs.

Facilitate an Adult Learning Event (unit standard 7384) 16 credits on NQF 4, provides skills and knowledge necessary to provide education and training and includes the following key components:
• Communication skills
• Group learning and group dynamics
• Facilitation processes and procedures
• Lessons structures and support material
This is a 4 day program with interactive practical learning.

Facilitate Learning using a Variety of given Methodologies (Unit standard 117871) 10 credits on NQF 5, is a more advanced program which have the following components:
• Plan and prepare for facilitation;
• Facilitate learning; and
• Evaluate learning and facilitation.
This is a 4 day interactive program.

Facilitate a Programme of Learning (Unit standard 10289) 24 credits on NQF 5, develops facilitation and teaching practices which have been developed previously, and applies the underpinning principles within the Outcomes-based environment. In includes the following key elements:
• Using knowledge and theory to develop facilitation skills;
• Applying OBE to facilitation of learning;
• Developing learner confidence, interpersonal communications and critical outcomes;
• Evaluate learning
This standard is presented over 4 days.

Who should attend
Many supervisory staff, professionals and managers are placed in a position where they are required to “teach” without ever being provided with the skills to do so. All persons who are trainers and educators in the workplace or academic setting, or would like to develop or improve their facilitation skills in a selected field of learning.

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Mawadda Petersen
Contact: SMART Group
Course Details

Unit Standard: 

117871 / 7384 / 10289

Course Delivery Method: 

Presented Presented Courses

Course Duration: 

4 or more days depending


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Course fee Includes: 

Course fees include comprehensive training materials, light meals & refreshments, and subsequent competency evaluation.