4.0D™ Leadership Development Programme

Challenges in the fourth Industrial revolution for Leadership is currently a huge issue in most industries and current leadership theory stem from the previous century and are no longer valid. The 4.0D ™ Leadership Development programme is a 2 day workshop that explores the dimensions of leadership in a 4 dimensional prism model format. It is designed to prepare Leaders for the future challenges that come with the fourth industrial revolution – or Industry 4.0. For leadership in particular, more and more prominence will be placed on leaders to do complex decision making, exercise Emotional Intelligence, have impact and inspire, motivate and deal with complexity in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of Cyber and Nano technology. The future of leadership in this context will require people to be in tune with themselves more than ever before. The course is conducted with the support of the 4.0D™ Leadership Assessment Protocol as well as the 4.0D™Visual Device.

Phase 1 of the course is about intrapersonal leadership requirements and balance between the dimensions of affect, cognition and conation (behaviour). The dynamics between these three cornerstone elements are explored as Emotional intelligence, Inspiration and Motivational action lines and dynamics and attendees develop good insight into these dimensions and how to practise them. Personal goal setting awareness and future leadership legacy ends the first day of the intrapersonal phase of the course. This forms the base of leadership.

Phase 2 of the course deals with three dimensions rising from the base – three panels namely: Vocational (work); Impact and People. With these attendees are also exposed to developing resilience, flexibility/adaptability and agility.
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2 Days


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