Basic Aviation Occurrence Investigation (BAOIC)

The UP Enterprises Initial Aviation Occurrence Investigation Course (IOIC) is a compacted but detailed Outcomes-Based (OBE) training course at aim to serve the Aviation Community in order to augment one of their principal objectives: Aviation Safety. Moreover, it will enhance the Aviation Operator’s compliance to the obligatory Safety Management System as required by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) Regulations. Aviation Safety-, Operational- and Technical Managers will be enabled to perform detailed in-house Occurrence Investigations while applying the 5M principles as described within ICAO’s Annexure 13. The IOIC comprises aspects ranging from pre-Occurrence facets like Litigation-, Safety Systems- and Reaction Teams following by post-Occurrence aspects i.e. Accident Scene Management, Investigation Methodologies, Human Factor Analysis up to Occurrence Report Writing. Practical sessions will allow the delegate to interact with physical samples from real-life aircraft accident investigations. Furthermore, the locality of the IOIC will allow for exposure to one of the best Forensic Laboratories within Southern Africa at the University of Pretoria. The delegates will be exposed to practical exercises throughout the course to test their levels of comprehension. All the above, and many more, will allow the would-be Investigator to complete a detailed Occurrence Investigation for their respective Entities while enhancing Aviation Safety.

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5 Days


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