Blockchain for Business

Blockchain for Business is targeted at bringing the knowledge of Blockchain to students in an easy, practical and relatable manner. Students will be accustomed to the monumental potential of this prodigious technology, and they can begin to exploit it for their benefits and the benefits of the world around them. The course employs a hands-on approach to teaching with great emphasis on class projects and assessments that are aimed at equipping the students with profound knowledge of the Blockchain technology and its application to business.

At the end of the course, students are expected to assume a commanding position in the technological revolution that is currently taking place through Blockchain. The belief is that the uncommon knowledge they will acquire will assist them to explore the Blockchain ecosystem on their own, while also reaping the inherent benefits in Blockchain technology. Furthermore, students will be able to pass the knowledge to others, thereby, instigating a movement that is geared towards the widespread knowledge of the use of Blockchain and the eventual adoption by the masses.
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Client Information Centre (012 434 2500)
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In Class In Class

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4 days


R 2800.00

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Course Material and Refreshments