Course in Investigation and management of cyber and electronic Crime

This five day practical course will explore the legal and practical issues affected by on-line criminal conduct and the successful acquisition of electronic evidence. The course is designed to empower attendees who may be involved with the investigation, litigation and/or risk management of cyber and computer-related crime with practical skills that will equip them to understand the basics of the governing legalities and technicalities.

A case study approach will be used to foster a practical, instead of only a theoretical approach to learning.
The number of delegates to enrol for this course may be limited. Prior experience in the broad forensic field and qualifications may therefore be taken into account in this regard.
Since the course will be practically-orientated ,by making use of case studies and by fostering group discussions, delegates who have paid the course fee in full will be provided (at an additional cost) with the prescribed and other reading material before the course starts in order to enable themselves to meaningfully take part in class discussions.

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5 Days


R 10500.00