Course on spatial planning, land use management and urban development dynamics for real estate and related property development professionals

If you often have to deal with complex processes and, at times, high-risk investment decisions on property deals and property development issues, the Advanced Course in Spatial Planning, Land Use Management and Urban Development Dynamics for Real Estate and Related Property Development Professionals is specifically structured to enhance your capacity, skills and opportunities in your role as real estate practitioner, property valuer, commercial property broker, estate agent, property developer or property financiers.

In many cases, processes and decisions are guided and informed by planning policy, legislation, town planning schemes, zonings, township establishment processes, and development rights, limitations and restrictions. At other times, the possible decision to buy or sell, to invest, or to increase property rights is also strongly influenced by a larger, more strategic and longer-term spatial planning context. Integrated Development Plans and Spatial Development Frameworks, for instance, indicate future development trends, opportunities and constraints of larger urban areas.

Apart from this, your work might very often be threatened and/or frustrating, and the application for and processes of development are frequently decelerated as a result of planning policy frameworks – whether it be unmanageable community challenges, lagging of approval processes or expensive court cases and hearings.
Knowledge of planning policies, principles and practical experiences will therefore not only entice and enhance your work, but will provide you with very valuable knowledge and skills that could ultimately increase your performance – not only in terms of work satisfaction and production, but also risk management and important decision making in terms of investment.

Although the course is based on and informed by the most recent and relevant planning and development legislation, policies and theory, it aims to provide you with a practical learning experience and new insights based on planning experience in the property development field, best practice and relevant case studies.


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5 days


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Course fees include all course materials, refreshments and lunch during contact days