Incubation Governance and Management Development Programme (IGMDP)

The content design of this unique offering for the South African learning and business incubation context is derived from a global benchmarking process. Results, structure and comparative interventions pertaining to our content synthesised the offerings of multiple stakeholders in the global incubation ecosystem.

There are currently over 7 500 business incubators globally, of which a vast number of them fail, not because of financing related matters but rather managerially orientated deficiencies. The South African business incubation scenario is not much different, hence our market conditions as well as macro socio-economic environment ask for a unique intervention that will create, establish and grow sustainable business incubators that will play a critical role in the entrepreneurship enabling environment, at the end a pivotal driver towards economic growth and the linked advantages.

The Incubation Governance and Management Development Programme (IGMDP) is compiled and presented as a game changing training intervention to significantly enhance the managerial competence of incubator managers in South Africa. The IGMDP is unique in Africa and endeavours to ultimately contribute to entrepreneurial performance and all its socio-economic benefits.

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