Mastering ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems

The short course in Mastering ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems provides you with a detailed analysis and a discussion of the application of the ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems standard (ISO 30401 KMS). The standard can be used to prepare your organisation for ISO 30401 KMS certification or it can be used to align knowledge management capabilities to the requirements of the standard. In the latter case, the ISO 30401 KMS is used as a management system tool or guideline that will ensure that knowledge management capabilities are managed according to best global practices and will add value to your organisation.

The course is based on the content included in the ISO 30401 KMS but it is discussed and analysed from the perspective of actual use cases in organisations. This implies that you will use the ISO 30401 KMS to analyse knowledge management capabilities and develop an understanding of the factors that contributed to the successful implementation of knowledge management capabilities.

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