Online Course in Answering Future Challenges – Tools and Techniques (PCEL Module 1)

The Professional Course for Educational Leaders (PCEL) comprises cutting edge educational management and leadership modules to facilitate the implementation of the Department of Basic Education’s (DBE) Policy on the South African Standard for Principalship. This Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) programme is aimed at facilitating a well-conceived, needs-driven leadership and management competence development initiative. The programme is critical to the achievement of the transformational goals for education, as expressed in official DBE documents and in the National Development Plan 2030. The CPTD responds to the purpose of the Standard as formulated by the DBE:

“The purpose of the transformation of any education system is to bring about sustainable school improvement and a profound change in the culture and practice of schools.

The DBE has developed and aims to implement a system of career pathing for education leaders and managers, and to make available a framework of processes and programmes for developing leadership and management. These will be based upon an agreed understanding of the core purposes of a principal’s leadership role, the key areas of such a role, the values which underpin them, and the personal and professional qualities required to fulfil the role.

In the South African context, schools face a wide variety of circumstances arising out of, amongst others, socio-economic, cultural, and language diversity”.

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