Short Course in Customer Complaint Behaviour: Dealing with Customers when things go wrong

Service delivery often goes wrong or doesn’t meet customers’ expectations. Although firms often provide procedures for dealing with problems and customer complaints, very few managers and employees are trained on how to deal with such service delivery failures or with customer complaints in a face-to-face situation, or how to respond in writing.

The Customer Complaint Management workshop provides you with the necessary tools and techniques to deal with service delivery failures and customers who lodge complaints where expectations are not met. Very few managers and employees are adequately trained to deal with situations where service delivery goes wrong, and this workshop aims to equip you with the skills to interact – either face-to-face or in writing – in an (often) emotionally driven environment. During the workshop, you will come understand how to defuse confrontational situations to retain customers, manage their expectations and compile a service recovery plan to build stronger relationships with customers.

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Client Information Centre (012 434 2500)
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1 Day


R 2600.00