Short Course in Drafting and Negotiating International Debt Contracts

The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated the management of the sovereign debt of many countries (especially in Africa) which were already experiencing debt repayment difficulties and has accentuated the need for sovereign debt sustainability. This course provides a comprehensive overview of drafting and negotiating international debt contracts, which will be led by Mr. Lee Buchheit, one of the world’s leading experts on sovereign debt, sovereign debt restructuring, and the drafting and negotiation of international loan agreements. He has spent over three decades advising governments around the world on debt-related issues and is the author of How to Negotiate Loan Agreements.
The objective of this course is to fill the capacity gaps in national treasuries, debt management institutions, and state owned enterprises and to broaden the pool of officials and lawyers qualified to draft and negotiate international debt agreements. This will be done by introducing new participants to the key techniques of negotiating debt agreements and updating the skills of experienced debt management practitioners.
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