Short Course in Process Modelling for Business Operations

Process modelling is essential to business process management success and documenting all the processes further aids communication throughout the organisation. Process modelling has always been a key aspect of quality management programmes, business process re-engineering, and continuous improvement approaches seen in Six Sigma, Kaizen and LEAN, to name a few. One of the greatest challenges in the organisation is to standardise the way in which processes are documented, to keep the documentation up-to-date and accessible to those involved.

The Process Modelling for Business Operations short course will introduce you to the two best-practice industry process modelling standards used to address most common process modelling needs. You will acquire a solid understanding of practical tools and techniques for modelling business processes and gain insight to models implemented for the preparation of analysis and improvement of business process performance.

You will learn the importance of creating the right viewpoint and context for process modelling and setting clear boundaries. The course is hands-on, case study-based, and you will be able to immediately apply practical knowledge within your own organisation.

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3 Days


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