Short Course in Water Quality Management and Effluent Treatment

The Water Quality Management and Effluent Treatment short course provides you with a comprehensive overview of and practical insights into the various processes that are involved in the evaluation of drinking water quality, as well as water and wastewater treatment. The course covers topics of basic water microbiology and chemistry, biological treatment processes, sludge treatment and effluent disposal, as well as biological, chemical and physical water quality parameters, the flow of material and mass balances, among others. The course will ultimately empower you to make more informed decisions around the treatment, operation and control of water and wastewater treatment plants.

The course will help us address the following challenges facing the water sector of South Africa:
•Managing the emergence of the Water Availability crisis in Southern Africa
•Evaluation of Water Fitness for Use
•Management and design for resilience
•Litigation against impacts of climate change
•Paradigm shift from Wastewater Treatment to Water and Resource Recover
•Integration of ecological system during wastewater and effluent treatment
•Countering the increasing incident of emerging pollutants and EDCs
The course includes a day visit at a water treatment facility and hands on analytical laboratory training.

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5 Days


R 14000.00