Teacher Training on Behaviour Modification for Learners

Behaviour modification refers to the techniques used to try and decrease or increase a particular type of behaviour or reaction. There is extensive literature on behaviour modification strategies and programs. ). According to John and Thomas (2019:418) behaviour modification refers to the shaping of individual behaviour by identifying undesirable responses and specifying constructive behaviour. In South Africa, there is a proliferation of media reports on unhealthy behavioural patterns observed from school learners. These unhealthy behavioural patterns range from bullying to killings among the learners in schools, communities, homes and other areas of developments that have been reported in many social media platforms from different provinces in South Africa.

Self-regulation is one of the highly effective techniques in behaviour modification as learners are expected to regulate behaviour and thus exhibit acceptable behaviour in various contexts of their lives. To maximise the potential efficacy of interventions, it is necessary to understand behaviour and behaviour change and to have a theoretical understanding of behaviour change. Theoretical knowledge and understanding of behaviour change enables one to have the accumulated knowledge and the mechanisms of action.

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