Utilising the Target Group Index (TGI) for practical market(ing) insights

Research data can be very useful to inform decisions and choose marketing strategies. Yet, data available in databases such as TGI® is seldom used for more than descriptive purposes. The short course in Utilising the Target Group Index (TGI®) for Practical Market(ing) Insights will enliven the marketing principles and highlight the practical application of data to decide on marketing strategies.

The course aims is to equip marketers, data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, business intelligence analysts, analytics consultants and insight strategists with the theoretical background coupled with the practicability to design and implement relevant marketing strategies and targeted sales strategies through informed decisions based on consumer data as supplied by the TGI® database. The TGI® database provides annual data on South African consumers age 15 and living in communities with a population of more than 8 000. Known reports generated from TGI® include: Brand planning and marketing strategies: • Strategic planning: Identify market gaps and opportunities, industry developments and consumers. • Marketing analysis: Understand consumer shopping behaviour and share of wallet. • Global benchmarking: Support a global strategy through understanding international consumer trends and consumer confidence in 70+ markets.


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