Building Trust and Managing Staff Performance

Aligned to Unit Standard - 14667, 114226
This workshop is designed so that delegates will be able to identify leadership behaviours and strengths and areas for development, assess interaction skills and target skills to be further developed as well as be taught how to communicate effectively using specific principles. Delegates will also understand techniques for providing supportive feedback.

The workshop covers the following:

Leadership and trust

Motivating staff.

Foundations of group behaviour

Understanding work teams

Managing Staff Performance

Giving and receiving feedback.

Essential elements of staff interaction.

Self image.


Monitor and evaluate performance.

Motivation – concepts to application

Foundations for individual behaviour

Perception and individual decision making

We don't just train - we inspire

Learning shouldn’t be something employees have to do. It should be something they want to do.The primary objective of our training is to ensure that the knowledge acquired is applied successfully, adding real value and making a visible difference to work performance in the business environment. Our workshops are outcomes based and our approach to learning encompasses all learning styles- oral, aural and kinaesthetic, so that all participants can benefit. We incorporate: role play, open discussions, exercises, games, video clips to name a few.

Participants are given real life examples and scenarios to ensure that they will be able to transfer this knowledge back to the workplace.

Post training

Microlearning support

Our unique Microlearning platform, provides short, smart and focused instructional bursts that put learning into realistic performance contexts for greater retention and application in the workplace. These, delivered on a monthly basis, will help to reinforce the workshop learning and enhance the knowledge transfer to the workplace. This post-course platform includes:
key-point reminders and tips
short engaging videos
useful articles
quick and targeted assessments

Facilitator access

Delegates have full contact to our family of facilitators online, via email or telephonically should they have any queries theory covered during the course at any time following the course, ensuring a quick turnaround on responses.

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Kathryn Lehnerdt
Contact: CorporateWise
Course Details

Unit Standard: 

14667, 114226

Course Duration: 

1 day


R 2250

Course fee Includes: 

All course material, Tea/Coffee and buffet lunch and a certificate of attendance