Clarity 4D profiling for HR Managers


Simplicity: there are many psychometric models on the market that offer in depth psychological profiles, and which can be too deep and complicated for many people to apply to their behaviour and communication style. Clarity4D was designed to be understood easily by individuals and teams.

Affordability: the aim is that all levels of staff should be profiled so that the messages can be cascaded throughout the whole organisation, rather than a select few teams.

Global: the system is online and designed to be easily accessible for delegates to complete the 20 questions and creates a language of COLOUR

Effective: the delegates are asked to complete the questionnaire with an “instinctive” hat rather than a “work” hat. This allows them to understand how they need to adapt their communication style to meet the needs of other individuals
and work situations. The profiles are also designed to be a self-coaching tool, to be used in appraisals and on-going learning and development.

The profiles can be used in workshops for leadership and management development in the following areas:

• Personal Development
• Team Development
• Sales Training
• Appraisals
• Senior Management Strategy Meetings
• Culture Change
• Coaching
• Leadership and Management Development
• Recruitment

Each delegate will receive a Clarity4D profile so that they can gain an understanding of the tool, it's efficacy and how it can be implemented into training and staff development.

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Kathryn Lehnerdt
Contact: CorporateWise
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In House In-House

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One day


R3790.00 (includes profile)