Email Etiquette

Email has become the standard method of communication between companies and their clients and within the office itself. This course is suitable for staff who communicate at any time through email.

This course covers:

• Identifying the recipient and selecting the appropriate tone, style and register.

• Selecting the appropriate format for the recipient.

• Structuring the email as a formal or informal correspondence.

• Using the correct spelling and grammar.

• Using the appropriate greetings.

• Understanding the significance of font, abbreviations and capitals.

• How to reply to an email.

• When to ‘reply’, or ‘reply all’; when to CC, and to whom.

• Avoiding misunderstandings.

• Appropriate and inappropriate forms of email.

• How to protect the security of mail recipients.

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Kathryn Lehnerdt
Contact: CorporateWise
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Course Duration: 

Half Day