Emotional Intelligence incorporating Clarity 4D

This 2 day emotional intelligence (EQ) workshop, underpinned by Clarity 4D personality profiling, ensures a fun-filled, yet meaningful workshop, where delegates learn, grow and evolve. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and deal with one’s own and other people’s emotional states that determine their reactions to life and its situations. Whether we react positively or negatively depends on this understanding and the way in which we communicate is directly linked to this. Understanding the nature of communication, specifically, how to communicate effectively goes hand in hand with understanding and raising our EQ, which leads to more effective problem-solving and better work relationships.

By the end of this workshop, delegates will be able to:

Understand more about themselves; both strengths and areas of potential growth.
Invite feedback from others to give another perception.
Build on this self-understanding to develop more confidence and management qualities.
Better understand expected behaviours to meet the requirements of employment.
Have a framework for their personal development plan.
Adapt communication styles to meet the needs of others
Identify how we like to be communicated with, and what not to do
The workshop covers, amongst other things:

Defining Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence and Self Esteem
Validating and affirming
Setting goals and achieving them
Positive language vs negative language
What is a high EQ, what is a low EQ
Raising your EQ
Self discovery
Understanding more about self, both strengths and weaknesses
Setting goals and self-coaching
Building confidence
Better understanding of the behaviours expected to meet the requirements of different work situations
Adapting communication style to connect with other people for improved individual relationships, team dynamics, communication and sales performance
Identifying how personal influence can be increased by meeting others’ needs
The process and background of communication
Barriers to communication and their impact
Intercultural and inter gender communication
Voice and voice production (tone, pitch and pace)
Listening skills
Body language and its importance
Assertive expression
Understanding assertive communication
Assertiveness vs aggression
Learning to be assertive
Communication at work
These two aspects are merged into one workshop which will equip delegates with skills necessary to raise their EQ as well as communicate effectively in the workplace.

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Kathryn Lehnerdt
Contact: CorporateWise
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In House In-House

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Course Duration: 

2 days


R 4370.00 (includes profile)