Certificate: Accounting Technician NQF3

This is the introductory level of the AT(SA) qualifications. The Certificate: Accounting Technician Qualification consists of five units with five computer-based assessments (CBAs). This level covers a range of basic accounting practices and techniques, from costing and double-entry bookkeeping to computerised accounting. The learner will also gain invaluable self-management and time management skills and will develop an appreciation of ethical issues and sustainability, which is essential for any workplace.


Entry requirements

  • The qualification is open access and Credo Business College undertakes an initial assessment to determine at which stage of the qualification the learner should begin. This involves examining the learners previous learning and current skills in accounting.
  • To study this course, learners need to be competent in:
    • English Language literacy
    • Computer literacy
    • Mathematical literacy.


Assessment and Award

Competency-based assessment:
AT(SA) qualifications are competency-based qualifications. This means that the learner must display competency in each task according to minimum standards. There are no percentages. A learner is found to be either Competent or Not Yet Competent in the module. A learner has access to various opportunities to become Competent, but based on the cost of an assessment we advise that the learner only do the final assessment once they are competent in the practice assessment and confident that they understand all the aspects in the module. There is a practice assessment for each module that the learner can do online; the learner needs to schedule a practice assessment with us, as it is a live assessment through the internet. There is no cost involved in taking the practice assessment.

Computer Based Assessments:
The assessments of the AT(SA) qualifications are done through Computer Based Assessments (CBAs). The timetable for CBAs will be set according to the learner’s training schedule. Credo Business College will arrange the assessment at a computer centre as close to the learner as possible. The travelling and accommodation (if needed) will be for the learner’s own account.

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded a Certificate: Accounting Technician NQF Level 3 from SAICA.


Additional information

AT(SA) is an associate of SAICA, the foremost accountancy body in South Africa. To find out more about AT(SA), please visit: www.accountingtechniciansouthafrica.co.za.

AT(SA) Membership
After completing this course and gaining one year of relevant work experience, learners will be able to apply for Silver Membership with AT(SA).

Career Path
Jobs you’ll be qualified for at a Certificate: Accounting Technician Qualification Level include:

  • Accounts administrator
  • Accounts assistant
  • Accounts payable clerk
  • Purchase/sales ledger clerk
  • Trainee accounting technician
  • Trainee finance assistant

You will also be able to enrol for the FET Certificate: Accounting Technician NQF4 Qualification.

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Andrea van der Merwe
Course Details

NQF Level: 

Level 3



Course Delivery Method: 

Distance Distance

Course Duration: 

8 - 10 months


R25094.85 (Full Qualification including VAT)