Chinese law and investment in Africa 2020

Are you interested in Chinese law and investment in Africa, but don't want to study full-time? Do you only need to brush up on various aspects of Chinese law and policy? With a UCT master’s course, attending only those lectures that interest you! The course introduces Chinese contemporary law by explaining the development of Chinese law and the legal culture of mainland China, with a specific focus on China's investments in Africa. UCT [email protected] offers you the opportunity to attend the full course, or just individual sessions if you prefer. The lectures have been designed in such a way that you can come away with a good overall understanding of Chinese law in general, or of the individual subject that you have elected to attend.

DATES: 17 August to 3 September 2020 (4pm to 7pm)
PRICE: R1,500 per lecture or R10,000 for all 9 lectures

17 August 2020
Development of Chinese law: legal culture and systems
This class will introduce the development and history of Chinese legal system, state authorities and their activities. The class will also introduce the principles and practices of Chinese Constitutional law.

18 August 2020
Law on enterprises
An introduction to principles and practices of the laws on business enterprises in China. Evaluating laws in China that impact business and trade. Study laws that ensure foreign businesses remain compliant or do business with domestic companies that are compliant. This class will cover topics on legal forms of enterprises in China, partnership laws, foreign enterprises laws.

19 August 2020
Chinese institutional complexities
The class will examine legal framework and relationship with the special administrative regions (SAR).

20 August 2020
Chinese investments in Africa: policies and politics
This class introduces key policies that drive China's investment in Africa. Introduces China's Africa policy. Analyses development in Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) policy in China, FOCAC developments. Africa's role in Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Identifies institutions that facilitate China-Africa legal cooperation.

21 August 2020
Chinese investments in Africa: law and cooperation
Chinese investments in Africa; political approach and orientations for Chinese investments in Africa, the economic approach: the Chinese model of cooperation toward Africa vs the western one, the legal aspects of Chinese investments in Africa and China-Africa legal cooperation. Review the history of legal cooperation between China and African countries.

31 August 2020
Chinese economic law
Introduces the legal framework that regulates economic activities in the PRC. The course will cover topics in the role of government in the macro-economy. Introduces key concepts of Chinese economic law

1 September 2020
Chinese business law
Discussion on reform in Chinese business law after China's accession to the WTO. The class will also review Chinese approaches to legal problems in business context.

2 September 2020
China dispute resolution - arbitration
This class will present the framework for dispute resolution in China, with a key focus on arbitration. It provides an overview of dispute resolution mechanisms and arbitration in business in China, between China and the rest of the world and in the newly established Africa-China joint arbitration centres.

3 September 2020
Intellectual property law in China
This class introduces principles and practices of the laws protecting intellectual property rights in China. The class will cover unique features of Chinese intellectual property law.

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Donnaleen Coue
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9 lectures


R1,500 per lecture or R10,000 for aII nine lectures.

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