Corporate governance and compliance for the public sector - 2020

UCT [email protected] is presenting a course in corporate governance and compliance for the public sector.

The public sector is facing an unprecedented governance crisis, which particularly affects state-owned companies (SOCs). Accountability, transparency and ethical decision making are at their lowest within the public sector. Those in the public sector require intense scrutiny because of the position of trust they hold. Failure to comply with their unique obligations could result either in the collapse of the institutions they serve, or in civil action or regulatory investigation.

Managing corporate governance and compliance in SOCs and the public sector generally involves the same process of management and governance as found in other profit-seeking enterprises, even though the goal of SOCs is not always related to profit. SOCs must still be managed in such a way that they always fulfil their objectives effectively and meet their public responsibility to government and the country’s citizens.

Who will benefit from this course? Anyone in the employ of an SOC, or in national, provincial and local government, including members of institutions that play an oversight role over SOCs. Anyone in the private sector who deals with SOCs in various capacities.

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Don Coue
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2-day course


R6,000 per delegate

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