Effective legal writing 2019

Law@work, UCT Faculty of Law, is pleased to present a three-day course on effective legal writing.

Today law lacks usability. Legal documents are poorly designed and inadequate to meet the needs of a modern society. Gone are the days of contracts by lawyers for lawyers. The course will challenge you to think differently about legal writing - to think about the needs and the context of your audience before you put a single word to paper.

Plain language? Check.
Clarity? Check.
Precision? Check.

During the course, we’ll explore the following questions:
-Do we understand what effective legal writing is?
-Something’s clearly got to change, but what?
-How do we get an audience to really ‘read and understand’?
-What are the tools for effective writing?
-How can we ensure our audience understands what we’re saying?
-Can effective communication really reduce complaints?
-Will a plain language contract hold up in court?
-Just how creative can you get with your legal writing?

We’ll focus on the special communicative and legal requirements for:

This course is suitable for participants from all over Southern Africa and benefits anyone who writes policies, procedures or guidelines for their organisation, or forms and agreements aimed at consumers.

Elizabeth de Stadler is a plain language and consumer law specialist at Esselaar Atroneys and founding director of Nocation Consulting. She specializes in plain language drafting, consumer law and compliance and risk management.

Liezl van Zyl is a communication designer and founding director of HeyPlainJane, a company that creates smart, sophisticated communication that humans understand. Even when the content is complex.

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Don Coue
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In Class In Class

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Three days



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Parking, teas, lunches and course material

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