The lawyer of the future: Building a high performance legal team 2021

It is no longer enough for a lawyer to simply “know the law” – these days lawyers need a broader range of skill sets. These skills can be divided into three basic skill sets: people-processes-technology.

The legal services market is going through a period of significant change.This change is being driven by 1) technology, 2) on-going pressures on legal budgets, 3) the ever-expanding role of the General Counsel or Chief Legal Officer, and 4) demands from business for the legal function to better align with it and deliver tangible value.

Join us for a one-day course that will help you to navigate these changes.

Date: 26 August 2021, 9:00 to 17:00 SAST

This is a contact course that will be held on the UCT campus. In the event that official circumstances at the time prevent us from holding face-to-face sessions, we reserve the right to offer the course remotely instead.

Course outline
Having completed the course, participants should be equipped to:

  • Understand why the partnership of people, process and technology - with "people" as the leading part of the equation - is key to developing a high performing team
  • Understand why it is important to map processes so that they can be improved to reduce waste (e.g. waiting, over-lawyering, defects, etc.) and add value
  • Be better able to empower legal teams and align them with the business: Integrated teams have extraordinary capacity to leverage individual strengths, leading to coordinated action (collaboration) for the benefit of the customer
  • Understand how law technology can be deployed to support your people and processes
    Appreciate that improvement is continuous, because change in the business environment is constant and rapid - processes must adapt, as well as the technology that supports those processes

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Heads of legal: to build high performing legal teams
  • Law firms: to better understand their corporate clients so that they can add more value in a changing, highly competitive environment
  • Legal practitioners: to learn about the skills needed to become future ready

Kevin van Tonder has over 25 years' legal experience, with the last 15 being at Schlumberger in Paris. In Kevin's previous role as general counsel for Schlumberger Legal Shared Services, Kevin developed a passion for transforming the way lawyers deliver legal services to business. He has extensive experience in international legal operations, compliance, and people development and management, within many challenging jurisdictions across the globe. Kevin headed up the transformation project for which Schlumberger was a finalist in the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards, North America, 20 l 7, and is currently an advisory board member of the General Counsel Executive Program, Netherlands.

Cost: R3,000 per person

Certificate: A certificate of attendance from UCT will be issued to those who attend the full session.

More information:

Email: [email protected]

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Contact Person: 

Don Coue
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E-learning E-learning

Course Duration: 

One day


R3,000 per delegate

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Parking, teas, lunch, any course material