Legal information systems - development and management 2020

UCT [email protected] is pleased to present a five-day course on the development and management of legal information systems.

This course is designed to provide practical and actionable knowledge on current and future ways of managing legal information. This course will cover the requirements related to legal information and its management; identifying factors of relevance for the evaluation of legal IT solutions; and reviewing the legal issues that affect the use of IT in legal work and legal information management.

Effective legal information management presupposes not only good understanding of the characteristics of legal information, but also an awareness of the relevant legal frameworks, both in relation to peculiar aspects of evaluating and developing IT products and services based on legal information technology.

This course is offered as a response to an identified need for skills development in the area of legal information management and legal informatics. Participants will learn the fundamentals of legal information management for primary materials and scholarly works. Furthermore, they will be exposed to the practice of developing, managing and evaluating digital case law and legislation collections. The course covers both the content and technology development aspects of legal information systems. Participants will receive both theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to the domain through comprehensive reading materials and hands-on work on UCT's legal information databases hosted on AfricanLII and partner Laws.Africa.

The course is designed primarily for legal, technology and librarian professionals since it represents a cross-cutting, interdisciplinary approach to legal information management.

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Don Coue
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5-day course


R14,500 or $1000 per delegate

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Parking, teas, lunches, course material