Dipolma : Human resources management and Practices Level 5


Holders of the qualification will be able to operationalize some aspects of the core human resources management processes at a basic level and integrate them into an organization's business processes. 

 Holding the qualification will enable holders to enter learning programs for a generalist degree in Human Resources Management and Practices. Holding this qualification could serve as a requirement for professional registration at the associate level.  


  • Strategic planning for human resources management and practices.
  • Acquisition, development and utilization of people.
  • Establishment and improvement of labour and employee relations.
  • Compensation and administration related to human resources management and practices.


  • Part-time
  • Full time


3 years


The learner is required to have a minimum of Grade 12. Must able to speak and write in English. 


All learning material included in tuition fees.


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  • Contributions are made in accordance with organizational policies and procedures, client requirements and legal requirements.
  • Legislation and organizational policies and procedures relevant to the core processes are correctly identified and appropriately applied to a given situation.
  • Best practices relevant to operational responsibilities are correctly identified.
  • Appropriate action is planned and implemented to promote best practices in the organization.
  • Contributions to the monitoring of health and safety are appropriate to own responsibilities in the organization and in accordance with legislative and organizational requirements.
  • Strengths and areas for improvement in own learning are correctly identified and adequately evaluated.
  • Strengths and areas for improvement in organizational human resources management and practices are correctly evaluated


On successful completion of course, the learner will receive a certificate


The information provided may vary or change at the discretion of Eskilz College. Eskilz College will formally notify learners of any changes or variations.

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Kavisha Hurbans
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Level 5



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In Class In Class

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3 Years



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