Environmental Practice | Level 1


This qualification is the first in a series for practitioners in the field of environmental science, environmental management and waste management. This series of qualifications will equip practitioners with the skills, knowledge and values to contribute towards the wise and effective use and management of our natural resources and ecological systems.

The specific purpose of this qualification represents the skills, knowledge and understanding required by competent practitioners to:

  • Have an elementary understanding of the concept of the environment and the basic principles which underpin the sustainable use of resources
  • Understand their role and perform the activities associated with their role, using the tools, materials and practices of their particular field
  • Understand how they are affected by-laws, agreements and policies related to their particular context
  • Understand the impact of their activities on the (natural) environment, as well as the implications of these activities for the environment.

With this understanding, learners will be able to engage productively and responsibly in work, individual or community-related activities in the field of environmental science, environmental management and waste management. This qualification will also serve as a basis for further learning and will equip learners with the knowledge, skills and values to participate meaningfully in society and contribute towards developing sustainable communities.

This qualification can be obtained in any context within the field of environmental science, environmental management and waste management, eg: local government, public and private waste management enterprises, cultural or natural heritage sites, community projects, recycling and recovery of resources, control and eradication of invasive and alien species, rural development, or as workers with environmental functions in a range of industries such as mining, chemicals or manufacturing, etc.

This qualification has been designed and structured so that qualifying learners can move from one context to another. Employers or institutions should be able to evaluate the outcomes of this qualification against the needs of their context and structure top-up learning appropriately. Equally, holders of other qualifications may be evaluated against this qualification for the purpose of RPL.

This qualification has been designed as a generic qualification which will serve the diverse needs of the field of environmental science, environmental management and waste management. While a certain amount of learning is applicable across the field, the balance will be related to the learner’s context. Each context will have a different focus and this will determine what qualifications, both horizontally and vertically, will articulate with this one.

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Yogini Sarugaser
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Level 1



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18 months



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