Furniture Making | Level 4


The purpose of the qualification is to provide learners and education and training providers with the standards required to satisfy the challenges of participating effectively in the furniture manufacturing industry. Typical learners will be workers in the furniture industry.

The qualification will be useful to both new entrants into the industry, and existing workers in the sector.

For those who have been in the workplace for a long time, this qualification can be used in the recognition of prior learning processes to assess and recognize workplace skills acquired without the benefit of formal education and training.

For the new entrant, this qualification describes the learning outcomes required to effectively participate in a structured workplace.

For education and training providers, this qualification provides guidance for the development of appropriate learning programs and assessment documentation.

For employers, this qualification enables skills gaps to be identified and addressed ensuring that productivity levels are increased and business objectives achieved.

This qualification has been developed to assist with standardization across the furniture industry. This will allow persons to achieve recognition for both their technical and supervisory skills and lay a foundation for future career advancement across similar trades and to supervisory and management qualifications within the sector.

The combination of learning outcomes that comprise this qualification will provide the qualifying learner with vocational knowledge and skills appropriate to the context of furniture manufacturing. It will also provide the learning platform for development in the area of supervision and management, and progress into higher education and training.

The learner will have an understanding of the furniture industry and how he or she should operate within the legislative, safety and quality systems which govern the workplace. It will also equip learners with a foundation for further intellectual development, opportunities for gainful employment and reward for contributions to society.

This qualification has been developed for mobility both across similar trades within the furniture industry, and to provide access to higher education and training and possible supervisory and management positions.

The design of the qualification allows horizontal articulation between the furniture manufacturing trades of Wood Machining, Cabinet Making, Furniture Finishing and Furniture Upholstery.

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Yogini Sarugaser
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Level 4



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E-learning E-learning

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18 months



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