Horticulture | Level 1


This qualification provides learners with a firm foundation of portable skills with which to enter the horticultural industry in its broadest sense, or if already employed in the industry, be able to look forward to a career path in any sector of the industry.

The generic nature of this qualification and the focus on multi-skilling will allow articulation within the horticultural industry sectors of :
Amenity Horticulture, Landscaping, Interior Plantscaping, Garden Design, Sports, Turf, Arboriculture, Floristry, Floriculture, Plant Propagation, Retail Nurseries and Landscape Irrigation.

As the basics of Agriculture and horticulture are parallel, articulation in the fields of Agronomy, Fruit and Vegetable Production, Nature Conservation and Forestry are possible.


  • Part-time
  • Full time


18 months


The learner is required to have a minimum of Grade 10. Must able to speak and write in English.


All learning material included in tuition fees.


Course Fee: R12 885.00


  •  The provisions of the health and safety act, as they relate to horticulture are described.
  •  The duties and responsibilities of employers and employees to provide and maintain a safe working environment are explained.
  •  The role of the leaf in the structure and growth of a plant is explained.
  •  The functions of the roots and stems, in the structure and development of a plant are described.
  •  The role that the flower has in the reproductive process of a plant is explained.
  •  The necessity of water for the growth and development of plants is described.
  •  The factors that affect the water requirements of plants are described.
  •  The importance of watering seedlings and newly transplanted material is explained.
  •  The ideal times and rates of application for watering are described.
  •  The scheduling of watering to meet the seasonal and climatic conditions are explained.
  •  The classifications of topsoil and subsoil are explained.
  •  The various soil types are described.
  •  The necessity of tilling and enriching the soil before planting is explained.
  •  The preparation of the seedbed and the manual sowing of seed are demonstrated.
  •  The monitoring and controlling of the germination environment are described.
  •  The maintenance and ‘growing on’ of seedlings is described.
  •  The ‘pricking out’ of seedlings and the cultural care, prior to the transplanting stage is described.
  •  The procedures for the preparation and planting of ornamentals are described.
  •  The backfilling, firming and leveling of the soil are described.
  •  The initial care that the plants require is explained.
  •  The procedures for the preparation and planting of annual is described.
  •  The materials used in mulching and the benefits derived are described.
  •  The role that organic material plays in soil enrichment is explained.
  •  The function of chemical fertilizers in soil enrichment of established plantings is explained

On successful completion of course, the learner will receive a certificate

The information provided may vary or change at the discretion of Eskilz College. Eskilz College will formally notify learners of any changes or variations.

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Kavisha Hurbans
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Level 1



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In Class In Class

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18 Months



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