Municipal Financial Management Level 6



The purpose of the qualification is to enable qualifying learners to apply strategic level financial management competencies to ensure effective, efficient and economical utilisation of public funds and resources at local government level. Learners will develop competencies to manage strategic planning and budgeting processes, financial management processes and internal control, auditing and reporting processes. Individual learners will benefit through enhancing their personal competencies, knowledge and skills so as to be able to complete tasks required in their employment contracts and by legislation.

Business and commerce will benefit through this qualification as it will assure commonality of practice between public and private sector financial management practices.

Social and economic transformation is a core responsibility of local government. Through increasing the financial management capacity of government office bearers and employees the social and economic programmes of government will be implemented effectively, efficiently and economically.

The qualification serves to provide the opportunity for new and existing public sector employees to gain financial management competencies. In this light it serves to allow access to management positions for groupings previously excluded from such positions. Through providing financial management competencies South Africa’s democracy can be strengthened, through strengthening the ability of local government to deliver. Delivery of services, and most importantly of basic services will contribute to the social and economic development of the country. As individuals competencies improve, the quality as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of local government will improve. Managers with competencies in financial management will assure that all processes of budgeting, financial management, internal control, auditing and reporting meet the conditions of relevant legislation and in this way are accountable to the public.

The qualification is aimed at senior managers and future senior managers in local government. The typical learner will be an employee in local government, wishing to gain the competence to fulfil the requirements of his/her current job obligations or a municipal employee wishing to gain a qualification so as to advance his/her career opportunities. In addition persons seeking future employment in the local government sector may choose to complete the qualification. Persons employed in non-profit organisations and non-governmental organisations as well as private sector agencies which interface with local government would benefit from the qualification.

Qualifying learners may operate at the level of executive mayor, executive councillors, councillors, municipal manager; chief financial officer; department managers; strategic managers and managers of municipal entities.

Office bearers and employees at local government level are responsible for managing the provision of services to the community. The Constitution of the RSA (Act 108 of 1996) section 27 (1) states that all South Africans have the right to access health care services; sufficient food and water and social security. Section 27(2) requires the state to take reasonable measures within its available resources to provide these basic human rights. The state is also responsible for providing education for the community and managing all of the country’s resources. The constitution therefore allows the community to demand that services are met and that government office bearers and managers have the skills to take reasonable measures in providing services.

Based on the parameters created by the Constitution a range of legislation has been promulgated to legislate the manner in which local government will manage public funds. The learning outcomes contained in this qualification are based on the competencies required to contribute to the decision-making and management of public funds. The learning outcomes are combined in 3 broad areas of competence;-

  • Strategic planning and budget related competencies;
  • Financial management competencies and
  • Internal control, auditing and reporting competencies.


  • Part-time
  • Full time


10 months


The learner is required to have a minimum of Grade 10. Must able to speak and write in English.


All learning material included in tuition fees.


Course Fee: R20010

On successful completion of course, the learner will receive a certificate

The information provided may vary or change at the discretion of Eskilz College. Eskilz College will formally notify learners of any changes or variations.

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Kavisha Hurbans
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Level 6



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In Class In Class

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10 months



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