Occupational Certificate: Occupational Trainer



The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to:

Plan, prepare for, coordinate, implement and evaluate learning programmes to achieve occupational trainee competence.


A qualified learner will be able to:

Establish the profile, special needs and barriers to learning of learners within the specified requirements of the training programme.

Prepare, adapt and align learning materials and resources for a training intervention in the workplace.

Deliver training, evaluate and report on a learning intervention in the workplace.

Gather evidence and make assessment decisions using given assessment tools.



  • Part-time
  • Full time



12 months



Learner is required to have a minimum Grade 12. Must able to speak and write in English.



All learning material included in tuition fee.



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Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 1:

A training needs evaluation tool is selected and adapted for the specific purpose.

Learner profile, special needs and barriers to learning are established by using accepted methods.

Required adjustments to learning intervention are made to accommodate learner needs.


Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 2:

Appropriate learning resources and learning aids are selected.

Learning resources are adapted to meet the needs of learners and workplace context.

Appropriate planning, sequencing and scheduling are done in terms of workplace and learner priorities.


Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 3:

Appropriate learning/ training methodologies for the context are selected and applied.

Relevant interpersonal skills are displayed.

Appropriate facilitation techniques are used.

The quality and effectiveness of own training is reviewed and reported.

Documentation and administrative requirements are met.


Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 4:

Competence evaluation activities are planned and scheduled.

Competence evaluations are conducted in own area of expertise.

Assessment/evaluation administration is performed.

Appropriate feedback is given to learners.




On successful completion of course, the learner will receive a certificate

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Kavisha Hurbans
Course Details

NQF Level: 

Level 4

Course Delivery Method: 

E-learning E-learning

Blended Blended

In Class In Class

Distance Distance

Presented Presented Courses

Course Duration: 

12 Months


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Course fee Includes: 

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