Plant Production | Level 2


The purpose of this qualification is to allow Junior Personnel and elected candidates to progress towards a position of farm laborers (operators) with specific reference to Plant Production. The contextualized purpose and usage of the qualification.

A learner will be able to progress horizontally from one category to another, namely small stock, large stock or pig production, etc. (Please refer to the list mentioned under “Areas of Specialisation”) He/she will be able to do this without re-doing the whole qualification, but by only completing the necessary elective unit standards.

Furthermore, the learner will be able to progress horizontally to the following qualifications:
National Certificate in Animal Production, NQF 2;
National Certificate in Mixed Farming Systems, NQF 2.

This qualification allows access to the agricultural sector (refer to the SGB’s brief and matrix) and gives access to the relevant agricultural qualification at NQF 3, namely:
National Certificate in Plant Production, NQF 3.

In terms of competencies, the learner will progress from farming operation skills to basic managerial skills to managerial skills. The scope of practice will also increase.

The learner will be able to articulate with other occupations within the agricultural pharmaceutical operations such as laboratory assistant, assistance in the marketing and selling of agricultural pharmaceutical products and fertilisers.

The learner will also be able to move to the secondary agricultural field.

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Yogini Sarugaser
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Level 2



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E-learning E-learning

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18 months



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